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The late founder of the company, Georgios Kallimanis, even when our business didn’t have its current size and when social responsibility had no titles, made substantial charitable contributions. Thus, offering to our fellow people is not just an obligation for us, it is part of our company’s DNA.

Our corporate responsibility starts with the provision of special privileges to our staff, but does not stop there. We make food donations to our fellow citizens that need our support, through our “Love Dishes”, and we also contribute to the local society and civilization through our “Initiatives” activation.





“We commit to safeguard the supply of fish and seafood to consumers in the future”. The future of our company depends on that.

This is why we invest in alerting, educating and mobilizing consumers on sustainability issues through awareness campaigns, our websites, and our “Citizens of the Sea” initiative with the aim to protect the sea and promote sustainable fishing.

We carefully select all raw materials (fishing areas, season, species) and follow an advanced traceability system, while having shaped and publicly announced our detailed supply policy for the next 6 years. We participate in international forums and remain in close contact with international non-profit organizations that address the issue of sustainability.

Our care for the environment is not restricted to the protection of the sea. Every year we manage to save energy, improve our waste management efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint further.