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Fish Fillets skin on

This fish mix consists of succulent alaska pollock & redfish fillets, gutted, scaled and cut into portions, keeping their skin on to offer even more rich, tasty results. The fillets do not contain additives and preservatives ensuring all the freshness of the sea and the nutritional value of fish. We offer them in packs of 600g, an amount sufficient for a family meal. High in protein and a natural source of phosphorus & vitamin B12.


~ Tips and instructions ~

• Remove the fish from its packaging and place in a strainer pot, on top of a deep bowl, which will collect the melting fluids.

• Cover the pot with a wet towel or a membrane, suitable for food and place it in the refrigerator.

• The product is thawed when it acquires a relevant elasticity.


Ideally, thawing should be at a temperature of 5°C.

Forced thawing of fish e.g. under hot water, can damage the texture and affect the taste of the product.

Cook the product before consumption.

Fish & seafood are natural products, and in the packaging it may include more or less pieces, without affecting the indicated weight.

Στο ψυγείο: 24 ώρες

Στην κατάψυξη:

στους -6°C: 1 εβδομάδα

στους -12°C: 1 μήνας

στους -18°C: μέχρι την ημ/νία λήξης


Nutritional value

ΘΡΕΠΤΙΚΗ ΑΞΙΑ ΚΑΤΑ ΜΕΣΟ ΟΡΟ ανά 100 γρ, (= Ανά μερίδα)
AVERAGE NUTRITIONAL VALUE per 100 γ (= Per portion)
% GDA**
Ενέργεια/Energy 78 Kcal / 329 kj 4%
Λιπαρά / Fat 0,9 g 1%
εκ των οποίων κορεσμένα / Saturated fat 0,3 g 2%
Υδατάνθρακες / Carbonhydrates 0,3 g 0%
εκ των οποίων σάκχαρα / of which sugars <0,2 g 0%
Πρωτείνες / Protein 19,5 g 34%
Αλάτι / Salt 0,4 g 7%
Φώσφορος / Phosphorus 212 mg 30,30% ΣΗΠ/RDA *
Βιταμίνη B12 / Vitamin B12 1,0 mg 38,70% ΣΗΠ/RDA *

 * Συνιστώμενη Ημερήσια Παροχή / Recommended Daily Allowance
** Ενδεικτική ημερήσια προσληψη για ένα ενήλικα (8400 kj / 2000 kcal)