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All our final products come from the finest raw materials that are preserved in deep freezing conditions and are subject to continuous strict quality controls throughout the production process, so as to maintain their nutrients intact, ensuring eventually a healthy and delicious fish meal.

Whole round squid

Squid is offered in its original form, without additives or preservatives, and with an authentic rich flavor.

Patagonian whole round squid

Squid fished from the icy cold waters of Patagonia. It is famous for its tender, juicy and delicious flesh.

Squid gutted and sliced skin on

Squid gutted and cut into slices for easy and fast cooking. Sliced squid, without additives or preservatives ...

Whole cleaned squid

Carefully selected squid is cleaned and with its skin removed for convenience.

Squid rings

Squid is cleaned and cut into rings for easy and fast cooking. When fried, it is ideal for fasting.