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Coated Fish & Seafood – Kallimanis Pane – Greek Market

Our Kallimanis Pané product line consists of a variety of breaded fish and seafood, offering a healthy snack or even a nutritious meal, especially for children who love it.

The product line is made of carefully selected whole fish fillets and seafood with the Kallinanis Quality Guarantee. Their breading is crispy, tasty and 100% natural, since it doesn’t contain any additives or preservatives.

Fish sticks

Sticks from tender cod fillets with a delicious crunchy breading, baked in the oven to preserve the original taste of the fish ...

Plaice fillet whole

Plaice is a popular fish, known for its white, delicious flesh and subtle odor. It is now available in breaded fillets.

Crunchy squid bites

Carefully selected squid, in lightly floured crunchy bites. They can accompany seafood snacks and hearty salads ...

Crunchy squid strips

Delicious squid strips, with natural breading, perfect for a crunchy snack ...