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All our final products come from the finest raw materials that are preserved in deep freezing conditions and are subject to continuous strict quality controls throughout the production process, so as to maintain their nutrients intact, ensuring eventually a healthy and delicious fish meal.

Moreover, we are the first company in the country (and among the first internationally) to offer fish fillets exclusively without additives and preservatives aiming to provide consumers frozen fish with the nutritional value and taste of fresh fish.

Yellowfin sole fillets

Yellowfin sole offered in fillets is a fish high in proteins without additives or preservatives.

Nile perch fillet

The lean juicy flesh of this perch, combined with the low fats that is has, makes it ideal for those who follow a healthy diet.

Alaska pollock fillets

The exceptional quality Pollock is offered in fillets, without additives or preservatives, but with its authentic flavor and nutrients

Hake sausage slices

Hake in sausage slices without bones is ideal for light meals and meals for kids.

Whiting fillets with skin

A truly delicious, fine whiting fillet with skin, without additives or preservatives.

Light salted cod fillets

Light salted cod is ideal for many traditional Greek recipes. It’s scaled, with 2% salt, without additives or preservatives ...

Pangasius fillets

Pangasius offers boneless fillets with a mild authentic taste, without additives or preservatives.

Fish Fillets skin on

Tasty fillets of cod and redfish, fully scaled, skin on, for a perfect fish soup.