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The sea manifesto

The sea.
What is the sea to us, humans?


We all come from the sea. Our existence derives from the sea.

Our history is shaped by the sea. Written in the sea. Our future depends on the sea.

And yet, our modern life, pulls us apart from the sea.

And its life.


This edible treasure of immense nutritional value and impeccable taste.

Found all over around us.

But somehow, seldom found on our table.

Because, somehow fish and seafood have become distant, expensive, complicated.

Somehow our dinners include anything but fish.

This is what we what to change.

At Kallimanis we have a vision.

To reconnect modern humans with the sea. Its benefits. And its fish.

This is what we stand for.

Our mission is to bring fish and seafood back on our tables.

Our business is to create, innovate and offer practical solutions which help us eat more fish and seafood.

And our promise, is to do all these, sustainably.
  • By respecting the sea and all its creatures.
  • By respecting the fishing community.
  • By using fishing methods that are friendly to the aquatic universe.
  • By ensuring that eating more fish and seafood will not only drive us to a tastier and healthier everyday life, but also help all of us to reduce our environmental footprint.
  • And by offering, daily, products as fresh as the come out from the sea.
  • And a range that always expands to meet the greatest expectations for taste and convenience.

Because, at Kallimanis, we know that we all are “One with the sea”.