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Ready to Cook Meals - International Market

With our new high quality and innovative range of Greek Home Flavours, we aspire to offer authentic Greek seafood flavours and aromas to all those who appreciate and look for the nutritional value of fish and the Greek cuisine.

The new range by Kallimanis consists of a variety of Greek homemade fish recipes, which can be baked easily, keeping the fish moist and flavoursome and the kitchen neat and odor-free, thanks to our advanced cooking bag technology with vent release control system.

The carefully chosen, fine ingredients blended in distinct recipes derived from the traditional Greek cuisine and elevated by the epicurean touch of our Michelin starred chef, Lefteris Lazarou, offer a high quality, delicious everyday seafood meal that can be ready to enjoy within 20 minutes at 180 ° C in a conventional oven or 5 minutes in the microwave (750W).