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Semi Ready Meals – Kallimanis Dish of the Day - Greek Market

Our range of semi-ready meals is available in 5 homemade traditional recipes. All recipes are based on carefully selected fresh frozen fish and seafood raw materials combined with other fine ingredients, like rice, potatoes, pasta and seasonings. The meals are cooked easily and quickly by adding few drops of olive oil and tomato sauce, and in merely few minutes they turn into a delicious, Mediterranean, homemade meal, always with the Kallimanis quality guarantee.

Octopus with pasta

It is a popular traditional recipe that encloses all the nutrients and the rich flavor of the octopus.

Shrimp spaghetti

The carefully selected shrimps make pasta even more delicious and the meal more full.

Seafood with rice

Rice with delicious seafood, ideal as hors d’ oeuvre or a main course for the entire family.

Cuttlefish with spinach

A popular Greek recipe with pure ingredients that can be cooked easily and fast.

Fish soup with fish fillets

Delicious soup made of fine cod and redfish fillets, for convenient cooking.