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With our Greek Natural frozen fish Kallimanis product line, we aspire to share the nutritional value and taste of the Greek fish with the entire world.

Thanks to our location, which is by the Greek sea and close to local aquaculture farms, we have direct access to fresh raw materials that we supply in their primary form within the same day of harvest/catch. We then proceed to their immediate processing and rapid freezing in our state-of-the-art facilities. 

All fish are selected one by one with a great deal of care and under the Kallimanis Freshness Guarantee that preserves all of their taste, freshness and nutritional value.

Seabream – Seabass

Greece is the largest producer in the world, in seabream and seabass. These Greek aquaculture fish are renowned all over the world for their highest quality and superior taste. Additionally, thanks to their high nutritional value, they are established as an integral part of both traditional and modern Mediterranean cuisine.


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Anchovies – Sardines

These wild catch fish from the Greek seas stand out for their unique taste and are renown all over the world for their high nutritional value. Sardine, more specifically, is the most nutritious fish in the Mediterranean Sea, due to its high content in Ω3 and Ω6 fatty acids.

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